Alaa Nehme

Alaa Nehme

Short Bio

Alaa Nehme is an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Mississippi State University. He received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University. His research primarily focuses on information security. He teaches courses related to MIS and Data Analytics. He is a member of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Working Group (WG) 8.11/11.13.


  • Ph.D. in Information Systems
  • M.B.A.
  • B.S. in Computer Science

   Research Interests

  • Information Security
  • IS Threats
  • IS & Social Issues

    Teaching Interests

  • Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Management Information Systems


Journal Publications

  • Nehme, A., Li, M. L., and Warkentin, M. (2024). Adaptive and Maladaptive Factors behind Password Manager Use: A Hope-Extended Protection Motivation Perspective. Computers & Security, 144,


  • Mirsadikov, A., Nehme, A., Vedadi, A., and Marett, K. (2024). Virtual Lies and Digital Truths: A Review of Research on Deception in Online Communications. Foundations and Trends in Information Systems, 7:3, 253–309,


Honors & Awards

  • Best Reviewer Award, MENACIS 2021


  • Teaching Excellence Award, Iowa State University, Graduate College, Spring 2021


  • Participation (by selection) in the ICIS Doctoral Consortium, 41st International Conference on Information Systems, December 2020


  • Best Spirit Award, ICIS Doctoral Consortium, December 2020


  • Best paper nominee, Internet and the Digital Economy Track, 53rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS), January 2020


  • Professional Advancement Grant, Graduate and Professional Student Senate, Iowa State University, Fall 2019


  • Awarded research grant, PhD Student Research Grant Competition, College of Business, Iowa State University, $2000, Spring 2018



Courses Taught at Mississippi State Unversity

  • Data Analytics (BIS 8413)

    ▸ A graduate-level (MBA / MS) course on Analytics covering different analytics (data mining, machine learning, etc.) methods.
    ▸ Includes a project that allows students to apply the learned methods on real-world data to extract value.
    ▸ Aims to develop students’ data analytics skills and knowledge.


  • Management Information Technology and Systems (BIS 8113)

    ▸ A graduate-level (MBA / MS) course covering the fundamentals of managing and using IT and information systems (IS) in the business environment.
    ▸ Surveys different business-IT cases and IS theories and applications.
    ▸ Aims to develop graduate students’ knowledge to become effective managers of information technology/systems.


Courses Taught at Iowa State Unversity

  • Advanced Business Analytics (MIS 446)

    ▸ A project-based course on Business Analytics (BA).
    ▸ Provides an in-depth exploration of BA methods including data visualization, data mining, text mining and predictive analysis.
    ▸Enables students to apply these methods through using the relevant BA tools to extract business value from real-world data.
    ▸ Aims to develop students’ data analytic skills and knowledge to become successful BA professionals and enable them to build BA applications.


  • Systems Analysis and Design (MIS 310)

    ▸ Covers the MIS perspective on systems development in the modern business environment with a focus on the systems development life cycle (SDLC).
    ▸ Surveys the different tools, techniques, and methodologies that are used by systems analysts throughout the different phases of the SDLC.
    ▸ Aims to develop students’ skills & knowledge to become effective systems analysts and to enable them to analyze/design/develop information systems in dynamic business and organizational environments.


  • Management Information Systems (MIS 301)

    ▸ Provides an introduction to the management and use of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) in the modern business environment.
    ▸ Covers classical and contemporary MIS (Management Information Systems) topics.
    ▸ Aims to develop students’ knowledge to become “informed users” of information technology/systems and to enable them to manage information resources in dynamic business environments.


Example Student Comments from Teaching Evaluations

“The instructor was amazing. Coming into this class I was so nervous, but the way the instructor taught was so effective.”

“Very professional, great sense of humor, adapts to students different ways of learning to better education on material, does a great job.”

“Very knowledgeable instructor that challenged some information given by textbooks and compared topics to real-world examples.”

“I think the instructor was amazing because his explanations were easy to understand over concepts I have never heard of before. He relates the content to his students in a way they can understand.”

“What helped me the most in this class was the structured feedback our professor returned to us for projects and homework.”

“Applying the skills we learn as we are learning to the project has been very helpful.”

“Feels like we are doing real work.”

“The project is fun and interesting. Professor is approachable and encouraging.”

“Alaa was fantastic…He did a phenomenal job explaining difficult topics, and was very receptive to answering any question that was asked. Of all the classes I’ve taken during COVID, this was easily the one that made the transition the best. The group work was great, getting as much feedback as we got from classmates and Alaa was a fantastic way for us to understand the material and our projects.”

Contact Info

Email Address:
Office Address: 302 McCool Hall
40 Old Main
Mississippi State, MS 39762